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Simple strategies for success. Making it doesn't have to be difficult. 

"Karen's involvement was pivotal to our initial success. She brought fresh and cutting edge ideas to the table, assembled the right team of people to work our album, and her ability to execute the plan and make it work was incredible. She takes iniitiatve and doesn't accept excuses and I believe that is why gets results that people want to see." B Real Of Cypress Hill

antonio rillera

"Karen is a visionary and a great idea person who knows how to move the needle in pop culture.  I really admire Karen's intellect, her work ethic and her honesty. Karen has a breadth of experience and a depth of knowledge that truly sets her apart."

Sylvia Rhone

President, Epic Records

Your VIP Day - Exclusive 1 on 1
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Karen Marie Mason
Make A Living From Your Music • Captivate your fans • doing what you love


Interactive ~ Intensive sessions


1. Make an appoinment for your free strategy session by clicking the REGISTER button. 

2. Schedule your Personal VIP DAY:
          • One 3 Hour Session
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Before you book your VIP day you must first schedule a strategy session so we can talk and I can learn more about where you are in your development as an artist. Click Here or on the Register button to book the session. Our VIP DAY is a very interactive and intense session so come prepared! You will learn more about:

•  Why it's more about mindset than music
•  How to analyze, dissect and define your brand
•  How to build your presence online & off
•  Define how to reach and engage your fans
•  Proven blueprints to marketing your music
•  Social media strategies
•  The Power of analytics
Marketing Plan Blueprint



Schedule your free strategy session

Let's talk first.  Figure out where you are in your career and where you would like to go. Let's make sure this is the right investment of time and money. Call Me. 



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After our strategy session we can begin scheduling your consultation. You can choose  One 3 Hour Session or Three 60 Minute Sessions. 


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simple strategies to help you make money making music

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